Abdullah is a young carpet merchant from the Sultanates of Rashpuht. He later lives in Ingary. He is also a friend of Jamal.


Castle in the Air Before the beginning of the book, Abdullah's father dies. Abdullah does not know the reason why his father was disappointed in him and dreams about being a long-lost prince from another country. He later buys a carpet from a man and discovers that it takes him to places that replicate his dreams. He meets Flower-in-the-Night, daughter of the Sultan of Zanzib. He pays a visit to his friend Jamal, and discovers that he would not follow in his father's trade. He later plans to run away with Flower-in-the-Night after showing her pictures of men. But when he arrives at the palace, she is kidnapped by a djinn. Abdullah is arrested because they think he kidnapped Flower-in-the-Night. The Sultan threatens to kill Abdullah if his daughter isn't found. Abdullah uses his magic carpet and starts his journey. When he walks across the desert, he meets thieves who have a bottle containing a genie. Abdullah soon arrives in Ingary. He meets a soldier who claims to be from Strangia. Abdullah and the soldier are framed for assault and robbery. Abdullah finds out that the djinn is being forced to kidnap princesses around the world by his brother Dalzel. Abdullah and his group arrive at Kingsbury looking for a wizard. The djinn, who is called Hasruel, steals Princess Valeria. Abdullah eventually stops the djinn and Hasruel banishes his brother. It is also revealed that Flower-in-the-Night had the same dreams as Abdullah, only the other way around. Abdullah is promoted, along with Flower-in-the-Night, by the King of Ingary to Ambassador and is given a house in the Folding Valley.