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Benjamin Sullivan is one of the Royal Wizards of Ingary. Better known on that world as Wizard Suliman, he came from Wales just like Howl Jenkins Pendragon, some time earlier.


Early Life

Ben Sullivan was born in Wales. Some time before Howl, he discovered the land of Ingary and settled there permanently. He tutored under Mrs Pentstemmon, and was one of her best and last pupils (the last being Howl). He changed his name to Wizard Suliman. The King made him a Royal Wizard of Ingary. Suliman became good friends with Prince Justin, the King's brother. When the Witch of the Waste threatened Princess Valeria, the King ordered Suliman to go into the Waste and kill the Witch. Suliman went, but when he got there he started growing flowers and trees near the edge of the Waste, hoping to destroy the Witch that way. The Witch captured him and chopped him into pieces without killing him. When he was overpowered, he cast a strong spell ordering a scarecrow to come to his aid. But by the time the scarecrow was able to do that, Suliman was already in pieces and the scarecrow had trouble finding all of them.