Why has a/my page been put up for deletion?

This is done when there is:

  1. No relevance or very minor relevance to the Wiki
  2. Inaccurate sources of information
  3. The information is sparse

If you want to keep the page, you must add relevant information and images which provide explainations of the character/object/location, or click the links on the delete tab to the discussion page as well as leaving me a message.

How do I put a page up for deletion?

Put the tag: { {delete} }, with no spaces, right at the top of the page you think should be removed. After taking into consideration the criteria for deleting a page, and other users views (if any), the page may be deleted.

How do I interact with other Wiki contributers?

You simply click the User's name and click the tab 'Message Wall', and type out your message. On this Wiki there is not a 'Talk' page, but if you would like to revert back to talk pages leave me a message saying so. On talk pages, you must sign your name which will appear with three tides > Lola Doll or four tides which includes your name along with the time and date > Lola Doll 15:22, June 11, 2012 (UTC) Example: Lola Doll

How do I check if I have any messages?

Click in your username tab in the right-hand corner of the page and click message wall, any messages you have will be displayed there.

Where can I practise editing pages, and are there any rules?

For practising you can use the Sandbox page to get a feel of editing, but you can always click Preview to see how the page looks and if you are happy with it before clicking Publish.

The only rules really are to use correct spelling and grammer along with publishing pages with genuine, relevant edits. For example, if you see a word misspelt, edit the page, correct it and tick the 'Minor edit' box. It is very helpful if you take a few seconds to write a summary of your edit. For example: Photo added, spelling corrections, restructure of paragraph

Do not edit pages to add meaningless information just to gain a higher number of edits and badges.

Why am I blocked from editing a page?

Some pages are protected as they are 'Main' pages and information on them needs to be regularily edited, therefore if many users are also constantly editing the page it will be difficult to maintain and sustain the page. If you think the page/s should be unblocked, leave a message on my wall.

I have a really good idea for the theme & background for this Wiki, how can I change it?

Changes to the theme of the Wiki is restricted to Admin, therefore if you have any ideas post them on my message wall.

Lola Doll 15:22, June 11, 2012 (UTC)Lola