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Witch of The Waste's henchmen

The henchmen seen at the beginning of the movie of Howl's Moving Castle, and are controlled by the Witch of the Waste to do her bidding. They carry her around in a palanquin which may be a reason why she finds it difficult to climb the numerous palace steps.

Madame Suliman has similar looking henchmen to the Witch of the Waste, as she sends them to capture Howl and Sophie They are seen trying to break into the hat shop, which they are at from a portal in the castle. Near the end of the movie, the henchmen's attacks persist but they are unable to break in as they are prevented by Calcifer's protection on the castle.

The henchmen are not reffered to by name by any of the characters.


They have fluid movement enabling them to squeeze through small spaces and walls. They are seen chasing after Howl at the begginning of the movie.

Howl: Don't be alarmed but I'm being followed, act normal. -To Sophie, after rescuing her from the soldiers. Madam Suliman's henchmen possess similar powers, being able to move flexiably to fit anything such as doorways and clothes. Along with this, the henchmen are fast and can jump far but they aren't able to fly, except for some of then, who have wings on their shoulders.

More henchmen coming after Howl

Madam Suliman's henchmen wearing the disguise of soldier outifts


The Witch of the Waste's palanquin carrying henchmen, are dressed in suits with ballroom masks to cover their faces, enabling them to blend in with the crowd. They have very long arms and walk with a bent back and arms hanging, almost like an ape. The henchmen are motionless until the command of the Witch of the Waste, which is when they spring upright and carry her wherever she needs to go.

The henchmen make appearances throughout the movie, at the hat shop when the Witch of the Waste curses Sophie, in the marketplace when she is looking for Howl's castle, and in the scene before the Witch visits the palace- summoned by the King. They are easily recognised by their sludge-like skin and large noses.

Madam Suliman's henchmen have different faces and bodies to the Witch of the Waste's, supporting a more bulkier torso and the flying henchmen having sharp teeth with snout-like noses. The flying henchmen have insect-like wings enabling them to fly very fast through the air, and to hover with no difficulty.

Madam Suliman's henchmen trying to open the castle door