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High Norland is a country in the same world as Ingary, and the setting of House of Many Ways. It borders Montalbino and Strangia along a mountain range.


High Norland City

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Only one city is ever mentioned in High Norland, which is High Norland City, the town surrounding the Royal Mansion.

Norland Valley

Most of High Norland is a long valley between two mountain ranges. The valley is comprised of wide meadows of flowers and grass, with various hills and cliff faces when nearing the mountains. Lubbocks used to live in these meadows, but a single Lubbock eventually killed all its rivals.

Castle Joie

The pride of High Norland, Castel Joie is the home of the Crown Prince.

Kobold's Realm

Underneath the vast meadows of the Norland Valley is an expanse of caves in which the Kobolds live, work, and travel.


In the books, the people of High Norland are skilled in making clocks. Little is known about them except that their country is nice.

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