Type Land
Location ???
Owned By ???
People Who Lived
Status Destroyed (after the war)

Ingary is the land in which Howl's Moving Castle and its sequels takes place. A temperate land, it has many neighbors, and part of a world of many other lands.


The Folding Valley

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The Folding Valley is a large fertile valley through which a river runs. It has only one known town, called Market Chipping. It is surrounded by many small farms. Wizard Howl often lets his moving castle wander the hills on either side of the valley, and often goes into the town to seduce women. Market Chipping is home to Sophie Hatter and her family. It is also where the house that Abdullah and Flower-in-the-Night reside in is located.

The Coast

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Ingary has only one known coastline. Many of the villages along this coast are poor, such as the small town of Porthaven, where Jenkin the Sorcerer has a home. This "base" of sorts is where Calcifer truly is. The Porthaven marshes are a wetland located just inland of the town.

In the movie, the Ingarian navy sails through, or possibly out of, Porthaven and returned after being defeated. The enemy dropped propaganda fliers over the town after a quick attack.


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Kingsbury is the rich capital of Ingary. The palace of the King of Ingary sits above the rest of the town. It is surrounded by many hills and mountains.

The Waste

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The Waste are a large desert wasteland beyond the hills of the Folding Valley. The Witch of the Waste, whose true name is now forgotten, was banished here fifty years prior to the story's beginning. Wizard Suliman and Wizard Howl created a garden along its border with various flowers using their magic.


The people of Ingary (called Ingarians in the second book) are at odds with Strangia. They also have laws that make the eldest person of three siblings have a dull life.


In the Books

In the books, the land of Ingary and the kingdoms surrounding seem to be pre-industrial societies. There is never any mention of even anything so advanced as steam-driven engines. Likewise, when Sophie Hatter goes to Wales with Howl Jenkins Pendragon, modern clothes seem strange, and they had no idea what electricity or cars were. This is likely due to the widespread use of magic.

In the Movies

In the movies, however, Ingary has reached the industrial age. There are steam trains, trolleys, buses, and early cars. There is also quite an impressive display of flying machines, ranging from Flying Kayaks to massive Battleships. However, most people still make do in pre-industrial settings, using the technological advances only in the busiest areas.



  • The engines on the trains are tank engines, hauling some coaches.

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