Jamal is a squid cook living in the Sultanates of Rashpuht, and later High Norland. Many say that he is the best Rashphuti squid cook.


Castle in the Air

Jamal is first introduced in the book when Abdullah, his friend, hears people screaming as children steal from his shop. Jamal also appears when he tells Abdullah that the children stole from his stall and later follows Abdullah. After Abdullah's arrest and escape from the Sultan's dungeons, Abdullah gives Jamal a bag of silver and tells him to go north and open a Rashpuhti restaurant there. Jamal goes, and is travelling in the desert when he is transported to the Castle in the Air by the genie. Jamal is instrumental in overpowering the djinns Hasruel and Dalzel, and afterwards goes to High Norland to cook for the King of High Norland and his daughter. He is described as having an eyepatch and also has a dog.

House of Many Ways

Jamal is the royal cook of High Norland. He appears a few times in the book and at the end of the book he chases Prince Ludovic accompanied by his dog, who also impregnates Waif.