Madame Suliman
Madam S

Madam Suliman

Voiced By
  • Haruko Kato (Japanese)
  • Blythe Danner (English)
Age 70-80
Gender Female
Job/Title Royal Witch

Madame Suliman serves as an antagonist in Howl's Moving Castle movie adaptation. She is a combination of Mrs. Pentstemmon and Wizard Sulliman in the book.

Howl's Moving Castle (Movie)

Madame Suliman serves as the King's Royal Sorcerer who provides magic for the country's military forces and the King's personal use. She uses her power to hunt down wizards and witches across the kingdom, taking them in as apprentices and turning them into monsters to serve in the army, or stripping them of their power if they refuse.

Mrs. Penstemmon and page boy

Madame Suliman in the castle

Madame Suliman has a special liking for Howl as she expresses her regret of Howl not arriving to the palace saying that she had finally found someone that could replace her. She says this to Sophie who is posing as Howl's mother upon his request to avoid going to the palace. Madame Suliman however realises who Sophie truly is, and that she is in love with Howl. Howl arrives at the castle disguised as the King, Madame Suliman recognises him because of his 'eloquent' speech and the real King's appearance.

'Rather a weak disguise, didn't I teach you better?'

Madam Suliman's spell

Madam Suliman casting the spell to transform Howl

As Howl proceeds to leave, Madame Suliman casts a spell revealing to Sophie what Howl 'really' is, his beast/feathered form. Before the spell is complete and Howl completely transforms, Sophie saves him by calling his name and covering his eyes. Madame Suliman's spell is left incomplete as her magic pink glowing stick hits her hat instead.

Madame Suliman is voiced by Blythe Danner in the English version.