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Markl is Howl's apprentice in the movie. Not much of his background or past is revealed, except for his first name and that he is training under Howl to become a wizard. He manages Howl's affairs while he is away, dealing with customers in the different towns linked to by the portal.

The only notable magic he ever does is put on a cloak and take on the appearance of a short, old wizard with a large beard. His voice gets huskier and deeper in this form.

Markl in disguise as an old wizard

Initially, he is suspicious of Sophie's presence in the castle, addressing her as 'Grandma', but he eventually forms a close bond with her as they are together every day. Most of his time is spent on shopping for food with Sophie, cooking, and other chores such as laundry.

I can't remember the last time we had a real breakfast!

Markl putting on his 'magic disguise' cape

Old Sophie and Markl eating together

Howl's Moving Castle (Novel)

Howl's apprentice in the book is Michael Fisher, a 15-year-old orphan from Porthaven who willingly stays with Howl and eventually becomes his apprentice, unlike Markl whose background information is unknown.