Michael Fisher
Voiced By Only in the book
Age 15
Gender Male
Title/Job Apprentice

Michael Fisher is an orphan boy who serves under Wizard Howl as an apprentice. A similar role to him in the movie adaptaion of the book is Markl.


Howl's Moving Castle

Michael was kicked out of his old house in Porthaven before the beginning of the story, because he couldn't pay the rent. He slept on Howl's doorstep that night, and Howl made him his apprentice the next day after he told Michael to wait on the doorstep. Calcifer activates fireworks on Michael's fifteenth birthday. Michael meets Sophie Hatter and introduces himself. The next day, he and Calcifer stop Sophie from cleaning the castle. He also visits Wales along with Howl (who is known there as Howell Jenkins) and Sophie in search of a poem which also serves as the terms of Howl's curse. Later in the book, Sophie and Michael attempt to catch a falling star on the Porthaven Marshes with the help of the Seven-League Boots. At the end of the book, he tells Howl and Sophie that Calcifer has come back. Near the end of the novel it is revealed that he is in a relationship with Sophie's sister Martha, who is an apprentice at Cesari's, although he believes she is Lettie Hatter. Michael and Martha decide to finish their apprenticeships before marrying. 

Castle in the Air

Michael is not seen in Castle in the Air, only mentioned by Sophie as having been sent away from the Castle when they discovered that a djinn was going to steal it.