Prince Ludovic is the Crown Prince of High Norland, and one of the main antagonists of House of Many Ways. Although he is not seen until fairly late in the book, he is reputed to be uncaring and cruel. He is later revealed to have killed almost all of his family to ensure the throne would be his, and to be the spawn of a Lubbock.

Charmain realizes that he is Lubbokkin when she first sees him, as his eyes are purple.

He is the cause of King Adolphus X and Princess Hilda's money vanishing (employing Kobolds to move the gold), and is eventually invited to the King's castle to stay a while. However, Sophie has been left notes warning that is she stays in the castle Morgan will be harmed, and argues with the King in an atempt to leave. After a short space of time Ludovic, The Colourless Man and Morgan's nursemaid reveal themselves to be Lubbockkin, and try to escape with Morgan. After a lot of running around, Ludovic takes Howl captive (in the form of Twinkle) and threatens to hurt him if not crowned king on the spot. Howl reverts to his usual form and punches the prince in the face before helping Calcifer turn Ludovic into a rabbit. Waif then leaps forward and kills the rabbit.