A spell is a use of magic, typically combined with hand movements and/or powder and potions. The purpose of a spell is to change an object or person into something else.

Howl uses many spells throughout the film, one to make soldiers march off against their will, floating in the air, 'moving house' transforming the portals and the interior of the castle by drawing a symbol on the floor in chalk and standing in it.

Howl's Moving House Spell

Howl' spell for moving house

The Witch of The Waste also uses a spell on Sophie, better defined as a curse , which changes her into an old woman.

Madame Suliman casts a spell on Howl in the palace causing him to turn into the winged monster.

Madam Suliman's spell

Madam Suliman casting the spell to transform Howl

Howl's transformation

Howl transforming under Madam Suliman's spell

Known spells

  • A luck spell which an unnamed girl used for her father's boat to protect him from rough seas, given to her by Michael Fisher and consists of powder.
  • A wind spell which a captain wanted.
  • Teleportation spells for the king of Ingary and his soldiers.
  • A loctating spell used by Prince Justin in order to find Ben Suliman.