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The Sultanates of Rashpuht is a confederation of kingdoms far to the south of Ingary. It is the land in which Castle in the Air begins.



Zanzib is the city where Abdullah and Jamal used to live. Abdullah's stall is located there, not far from the West Quarter where the rich people live.


The Rashpuhti are an extremely polite and proper people. Their dealings, particularly business dealings, tend to consist of ever growing back-and-forth flattery, and they are generally shocked when someone speaks to them directly. They believe heavily in prophecy and mythology (not surprising, given that these mythological creatures do indeed exist). They encourage polygyny (the marriage of one man to multiple wives), though prohibit polyandry (the marriage of one woman to multiple husbands).

Rashpuhti cuisine is world-renowned for its bizarre foods and acquired taste. Its most well-known dish is fried squid, and many say that Jamal is the best Rashpuhti squid cook.


The Sultanates of Rashpuht are very obviously based upon Middle Eastern culture.

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