Turnip Head
Prince cursed
Voiced By Crispin Freeman
Age -
Gender Male
Title/Job Scarecrow, Prince

Turnip-Head is a cursed scarecrow who appears in both the book and movie versions of Howl's Moving Castle. In both appearances, he is a scarecrow on two cross poles wearing torn clothing with a withering turnip for a head. However, he plays a much different role in the two versions.

Howl's Moving Castle (Novel)

Turnip-Head is not named in the book, only referred to as "the scarecrow." In his first appearance, Sophie talks to him on her way to Howl's Castle to work as a cleaning lady for Howl Jenkins Pendragon. Later in the book, he stops Sophie Hatter from leaving the Castle. Sophie orders Calcifer to move the castle away from the scarecrow, thus tiring him out. The scarecrow appears once again near the end, where it is revealed that he can speak. He is suspected to be a servant of the Witch of the Waste by the others.


Howl's Moving Castle (Movie)

Turnip-Head appears to Sophie Hatter much in the same way as in the novel. While fleeing Market Chipping, she spies his main pole protruding from a shrub and lifts it out to reveal him. However, after this, his role changes.
Turnip-Head seems to take quite a liking to Sophie and follows her everywhere, popping up here and there throughout the movie. Turnip-Head finds Sophie a cane, retrieves her shawl, holds an umbrella for her when she's out in the rain and even gives a helping hand with the washing.

Near the end of the movie, whilst trying to stop the board that Sophie, Markl, Howl, The Witch of the Waste, Hin and Calcifer are sliding down a cliff on, his pole snaps but he slows the fall thus saving everyone. After reviving Howl by putting his heart back into his chest, Sophie kisses Turnip-Head and the curse is broken through "true love's kiss". Turnip-Head is revealed to be a Prince, who vows to go back to his kingdom and stop the war.